I would consider myself a connoisseur of lifelong education with the passion for continued growth and enrichment in today’s ever-changing society.  A few tools in my shed of expertise include fifteen plus years customer service experience, a bachelor of science in education, and the drive to challenge and educate individuals to be their best.


You may be asking yourself right now, how is someone that has a background in education the right fit for my retail store, coaching my manager how to become a successful buyer and leader?  Well, let me tell you how teaching has not only laid the foundation for my thought process and behavior, but it has proven to be helpful in other aspects that relate directly to working with your manager.   I have a unique understanding of the different learning styles and recognize how to successfully present information to improve the speed and quality of your managers development.  Among other things, I am patient, creative, energetic, passionate, detail oriented, and results driven.


What I’m not is your cookie cutter consultant – that bleak, stuffy, bookkeeper type individual that drudges on monotonically making you dread meeting with them on a regular basis (no offense if I just described you, but nobody has time for that…)  I have something your typical consultant does not - experience.  To be precise, first hand, elbows deep, in the trenches type experience of the ins and outs of retail in a powersports setting.  I have had the pleasure of working for some of the best dealers across the country, from California to Chicago, for over seven years.  I have taken that experience, coupled with my educational background, and masterminded a retail inventory strategy that has proven successful time and time again.

I bet you’re thinking I’m about to pitch some voila (the pronunciation is vwäˈlä if you thought perhaps I was mistyping something), overnight, magic bean, dummy-proof solution to inventory management.  Nope.  I am not.  Because, this such thing does not exist.  I’m going on a limb by saying that anyone telling you differently is probably attempting to trick you into smelling a chloroform drenched rag while peering into a deep, dark trunk... never fall for the ol’ chloroform trick.  Be smarter than that!  There is however, a concise mixture of art, math, and science that sure the heck will put you on a path to be more successful when implemented and maintained.

Time to get serious guys.  I am a no-bull consultant that mentors the misguided, the confused, and the anxiety ridden retail managers who are ready to learn fresh, creative, and innovative processes to leverage their retail inventory as a lethal weapon to drive sales and overall success.  Most importantly, all while having fun.  Because if you’re not having fun, then you might as well willingly climbed into that trunk and gladly taken a deep sniff of the chloroform rag… and we've all seen how this movie ends.

What are you waiting for? Let's RIOT!

In case you haven’t had the chance to meet me yet…

Hi, my name is Jamie Giltner and I reside in the lovely state of Iowa with my husband, two dogs, and mini human. Iowa is a recent move as we were unable to resist the "fields of opportunity".

Me in a nutshell? Better fasten your helmet and hang on… vroom vroom on my motorcycle, 0 to 100, island dreaming, jeep life (beep beep), gypsy soul, raising a mini human, making dreams reality, let’s do this!














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